Past Events

SIWI World Water Week 2021

In three successful World Water Week 2021 sessions, government leaders shared the ways in which the Citywide Inclusive Sanitation Services Assessment and Planning (CWIS SAP) platform is supporting decision-making in sanitation investments.

Session 1:

“A digital tool for Urban Sanitation Planning for Service Providers” representatives from the various organisations behind CWIS SAP—including Athena Infonomics’ Lee E. Voth-Gaeddert—provided an in-depth demonstration of the platform, and attendees heard firsthand from the Kampala Capital City Authority and Uganda’s Water Utility Regulation Department on how they are using the CWIS SAP to inform their service provision and regulation mandates.

Session 2:

“Using Data to Build Resilient Urban Sanitation and Waste Management”, session brought Athena Infonomics' Co-founder and Director Deepa Karthykeyan together with Mwansa Nachula Mukuka, a Sanitation Specialist for the Lusaka Water Supply and Sanitation Company, to discuss how CWIS SAP integrates into the larger context of Zambia's digital water data ecosystem.

Session 3:

“Catalysing Sustainable Futures for Sanitation? Innovative Financing and Planning Tools”, Athena Infonomics’ Mithra Vasudevan and Richard Cheruiyot of Kenya’s Water Services Regulatory Board discussed how they are using CWIS SAP to assess and advocate for new technologies and business models, such as container-based sanitation.