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Training on Citywide Inclusive Sanitation Service Using EquiServe Tool

Program Brochure:

Day 1: Introduction to CWIS planning approaches, spatial planning and about Equiserve tool

The Athena Team, under the guidance of Dr. Y. Malini Reddy, Director of Governance and Service Delivery, warmly welcomed the participants, elucidating the workshop's objectives and structure. Engaging the attendees in ice breakers, the team gathered insights into their backgrounds and expectations for the program.  The technical segment commenced with Dr. Malini and Ms. Mithra Vasudevan, Principal Consultant at Athena, discussing the fundamental principles of CWIS. They emphasized its focus on service planning and its interconnection with Equiserve. Prof. Thammarat Koottatep, Co-Director of GWSC at AIT, provided opening remarks, setting the tone for the event. Following this, Ms. Isha Basyal, representing GWSC, delivered an insightful presentation, delving into the spatial aspects of sanitation planning. The session unfolded with valuable contributions from Ms. Elisabeth Nahimana of ESAWAS and Eng. Abdu Maliki from the Ministry of Water & Environment, Uganda, who shared practical experiences. Additionally, the Athena Team provided a concise introduction to the event's tools, enhancing participants' understanding., Uganda, shared their experience. A brief tool introduction was provided.

Presentation - Day 1

Presentation - Day 1

Video Recording Day 1

Day 2: Detailed step by step tool walkthrough

Page by page walkthrough, discussion on the data inputs, availability, creating a baseline in the tool with a case study example to understand how the tool inputs help in visualizing CWIS outcomes.

Presentation Day 2

Video recording Day 2

Day 3: Discussion on scenario building and Hands-on workshop

Session focused on scenario construction from the interventions with details to modify in the tool and compare the scenario output. Participants broke into case groups for hands-on working on the tool modifications. The participants regrouped for use case discussions. Closing remarks were made by Athena.

Presentation Day 3

Video recording Day 3